No guitar is perfect for all players. In the event the PalmGuitar® doesn’t suit your exact needs, you may wish to consider investigating some of these companies. Each of them offer products that are made of engineered carbon fiber graphite composites that may or may not provide some features that the PalmGuitar® does not.


Why would we endorse other manufacturers that make products that compete with the PalmGuitar®? They certainly don't pay us to endorse them. It's more simple than that – we own products from each of these companies and can assure you, they are outstanding. We also share a basic philosophy - wood is good, but graphite composites are better. Also, we believe it’s impossible to have too many guitars. If you ever think you've reached the point that you may have too many guitars, get your hands on a Chapman Stick - you’ll acquire a completely new understanding of how much more music god intended two hands to really make.



The Chrysalis Guitar (New Boston, NH) is the world's first inflatable, collapsable acoustic guitar, made of highly engineered graphite composites, featured on the cover of the Fall 2000 Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. We own serial #0001 - it is the coolest guitar in the world.
alt Moses Graphite, Eugene, Oregon, is the leader in graphite composite replacement necks, fingerboards and other products. Stephen Mosher, President of Moses, has spent decades perfecting a graphite composite process that very closely mimics the sonic performance of rare tonewoods, far surpassing them in durability and stability.
alt The SoloEtte, available in nylon or steel string versions, including a graphite neck option, is an innovative design that helped make it the first guitar to travel into space. The Soloette features removable bouts, allowing it to collapse into a small package.
alt True innovation in the musical instrument field takes centuries. Though many of us have invented different shapes and sizes of the same instrument, history will show that only one among us has had the genius to create a completely new instrument, and method of creating music. Emmet Chapman invented "the Stick" in the 70's, and it stands alone as an astonishing method of creating music ... it's now available in graphite.
alt Dr. John A Decker coined a new phrase in the world of guitar acoustics: "carbon sound". If you're looking for an amazing acoustic guitar, try a RainSong. Remember what it was like to take the mufflers off of your first V8? If you ever wondered what a vintage Martin might sould like if you "took off the mufflers", you'll have an idea of what it's like when you strum your first RainSong guitar. They are amazing instruments in every regard.
alt If you need a guitar that is considerably smaller than the PalmGuitar®, check out the NanoGuitar. It is 10 micrometers long -- about the size of a single cell -- with six strings each about 50 nanometers, or 100 atoms, wide. Made by Cornell University researchers from crystalline silicon, it demonstrates a new technology for a new generation of electromechanical devices. If plucked -- by an atomic force microscope, for example -- the strings would resonate, but at inaudible frequencies. Very cool!
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