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graphite composite instruments have been manufactured since 2002, and continue to earn respect from some of the world’s most successful artists. The flagship model of the “version 1” graphite instruments was the PalmGuitar® “Standard”. Along the way, numerous custom instruments have been made that pushed the limits of guitar technology. With the introduction of our new v2 guitars, all v1 graphite instruments are now being offered only on a custom, made to order basis. The links review the brief history and various optional configurations that have been produced. If you’re interested in a v1, please fill out the “request for quote” form. In our quest to produce an instrument with all the sonic qualities and precision tolerances as the v1, with less costly hardware to permit a more economical solution to the costly v1, we developed the “version 2”. Manufactured by a unique polyurethane composite process that is patented by our subcontractor, the v2 offers an astonishingly warm “woody” sound. The technology, which simulates the cellular structure of hardwood, produces injection molded bodies of uniform density – the big variable that causes some wooden guitars to sound much better than others. All v2’s are in stock, and ready to ship, so you can order them for immediate delivery on our ordering page.
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